Wednesday, January 28, 2015

12 Ways To Make Your Home a Place of Peace, Health and Love (The Affordable and simple version)

I recently read an article on one of my favorite sites (One that I highly recommend
Uncharacteristically this article was a disappointment, I found it to be unrealistic when applied to my own life and financial situation and I knew there to be many simpler ways to achieve the very well intentioned point of this article. I assume this will also apply to many of you as well, and I hope my 12 tips can prove as useful and centering to you as they do for me. This was a rather simple response for me to write as these tips came from my daily routine of self love in my own home.

This is the article that inspired my response ( I do encourage you to read it so you get an idea as to what I am responding to and also in case some of what is shared is something that can benefit you!):

 Here's my list: 
1. Windows - with lots of natural light (so open those curtains!)
2. Books, on anything and everything that inspires you and makes you want to open it's cover. Be inspired
3.Plants! Lots of plants. They love you back as much as you love them and are easier maintenance than a pet (which can be good to have too )
4. Incense, Essential Oils, Natural Candles - some sort of scent that centers you and inspires you. Pick ones to rejuvenate and refresh you in the morning and relax and ease you at night. (just remember to blow out the candles before you leave lol)
5. Fresh Fruits and Veggies - Eat them raw, eat them cooked, blend them in any cheap ass bender you want! Just get them fresh, organic and feast on them! Your body will love you!
6. Brown Rice - Cheap and SO SO good for you.
7. Yoga mat, some cheap weights and youtube for some great workout videos whether it be ballet, yoga, pilates or crossfit! Get in even 15 minutes a day and your home will become a place of strengthening
8. Pandora with a spa, classical or relaxation station...or just put on your favorite music that makes you smile. 
9. A specific corner for mediation/Inspiration station, with pillows, blankets, candles...whatever makes you happy and brings you to oneness with your surroundings. This could also be a hobby area, where you do art, crafts or solve mathematical equations...something that brings you peace and strengthens your mind after a long day!
10. Tea! Lots of tea, pick your favorites and brew them hot in the winter and cold in the summer, Different types of teas can do different types of miraculous stuff for your health!
11. A comfortable bed - sleep is vital and I honestly will say that I think it's good to shell out some money on a mattress that is genuinely good for you and your needs. 
12. Finally, Love, whether you live alone or with family or environment of positivity and love for yourself and all those around you will make your home a wellness sanctuary for sure.

Of course these are just what I personally think are good for a safe haven of peace, health and love but I also think they are an affordable option for anyone. I strongly believe that you don't have to buy a sauna to feel healthy and alive! I hope this helps you focus your days and heal yourself. So mote it be. 


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